Become a cosmetologist at Dominican House Of Beauty

At DHOB The School you will learn hairdressing techniques and use your creativity to become a confident beauty professional. The cosmetology education will include basic and advanced techniques of hairdressing, nail care, skin care and aesthetics, makeup application, development of customer service skills, as well as how to create a resume that will allow you to insert yourself in the market as a Professional trained in the area.

The cosmetology program consists of 1,500 hours and is divided into four phases that will help you see, think, create and adapt as a beauty professional. Our educators are trained under the Mindful Teaching Professional development program, which provides a clear and constant training, in order to make the most of their classes and their practical experiences with professional tools and materials.

Master the Basics

Phase 1
Explore the fundamentals of sculpture, hair design, texture and color for each type of hair. Learn nail and skin services, such as manicures, pedicures, hair removal, facials and makeup.

Adopt a practical approach

Phase 2
Put into practice the four cornerstones of seeing, thinking, creating and adapting with practical training in our Student and Spa Room. Participate in advanced workshops in content areas of Phase 1 that develop their technical and communication skills.

Advancing your skills

Phase 3
Continue refining your skills in our Student Salon & Spa while improving your efficiency and ability to interact with visitors. Participate in advanced workshops with relevant content

Work and Prepare

Phase 4
Prepare for the final tests of the Academy and the professional license exam while perfecting your trade as a student.

Teaching with the two leaders in beauty sciences, Pivot Point and Milady.

Your training is not about a line of products or personality, it’s about raising your skills to the highest level of artistic creativity. We believe in the global connection and global beauty. Through our educational opportunities and study abroad, you are connected with beauty professionals from around the world who are trained and proud of Pivot Point and Milady.

The teacher educators are trained with our patented product of development of conscious Professional Teaching (Mindful Teaching Professional), which provides clear and consistent training, to make the most of the classroom and practical experiences. Our tools and materials are unmatched in the beauty industry. That’s why so many schools across the country and the world use the education of Pivot Point and Milady.