Become   an   Educator   at   Dominican   House   Of   Beauty

Our Milady’s Master Educator Program provides participants with the ability to achieve Master Educator Certification status, which signifies a commitment to growth, professionalism and success as an educator in the beauty and wellness industry. This program consists of: the backbone of the instructor theory for the beauty and wellness educator. This presents educators with the teaching skills and educational judgments necessary to become an effective and successful instructor. The Master Educator is designed for flexibility, being used in programs ranging from a basic overview of instructor training to programs that require more advanced teaching techniques. Presented in a conversational, easy-to-understand style, it uses many pedagogical features to emphasize important information and powerful teaching techniques. Master Educator serves the future instructor as a valuable, fundamental learning tool, and the seasoned instructor with the strategies needed to adapt to the changing landscape of classroom learning.

Your 700 hours of instructing program at DHOB The School present clear steps towards achieving goals while correcting some of the misleading myths about goal setting, giving Instructors strategies and methods such as lectures, group discussions, peer coaching, role playing, mnemonics, games, group synergy and humor to promote active participation.